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Powerful and Melodic are the best words to define Again came The Storm. With Strong Guitar Riffs and Beautiful piano melodies, this 53mn record mix all elements that all amateurs of POWER METAL ask for. This release will reach all fans of bands such as EDGUY, SONATA ARCTICA, KAMELOT and FIREWIND. To get a high quality production, Icewind relied on music industry big names. Mastering has been done by ALAN DOUCHES at WEST WEST SIDE MASTERING (SYMPHONY X, MASTODON, SEPULTURA, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) in New York, USA. The splendid artwork is the creation of JAN MEININGHAUS ( BRAINSTORM, FALCONER, MYSTIC PROPHECY, DREAM EVIL). The long awaited album is about to be released under Metalodic Records. ?





ARTIST........: Icewind
TITLE.........: Again Came The Storm
LABEL.........: Metalodic
GENRE.........: Heavy Metal
QUALITY:......: 231 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
RIP DATE......: 2010-11-26
RELEASE DATE..: 2010-00-00


01. Signs of Temptation                                  4:54
02. Blood Stained History                                3:54
03. My Glorious Burden                                  4:25
04. My Own Tragedy                                      4:14
05. The Last March We'll Meet Again                      7:10
06. The Happening                                        4:16
07. As Fools We Dance                                    4:18
08. Hymn For A Brighter Dawn                            5:49
09. Oh Winter Morning                                    5:05
10. Again Came The Storm                                7:56

Total : 52:01





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this bootleg is very hard to find and a true jewel for every reggae fan !!!!


The Tape starts with an introduction by the M.C. for the I-Threes before the trio launch in to their Wailers inspired tracks beginning with Precious love. Theyre very much based on the style of Marleys tracks, a lilting, sunny pop slope without urgency. Once this finishes Sister Marcia introduces
her two fellow vocalists - Sister Judy & Sister Rita - & explains that theyre here as an extra warm up for Brother Bob Marleys main set.





Artist.: Bob Marley
Title..: San Siro (Milano Italy)

Type........: Bootleg
Genre.......: Reggae

LAME 3.97  :.....Encoder
Bitrate.... : VBR kbps

1980        :.Street-Date
Source......: CD

2010-11-26  :....Rip-Date





1. Intro (I-Three's - Opening Band)          0:27
2. Precious Love (I-Three's - Opening Band)  3:42
3. Slave Queen (I-Three's - Opening Band)    4:45
4. Steppin' Out Of Babylon (I-Three's -      4:26
Opening Band)
5. That's The Way (I-Three's - Opening Band)  5:19
6. Intro                                      3:08
7. Natural Mystic                            4:20
8. Positive Vibration                        5:16
9. Revolution                                5:31
10.I Shot The Sheriff                        4:44
11.War / No More Trouble                      5:41
12.Zimbabwe                                  3:57
13.Zion Train                                3:17


1. No Woman No Cry                            7:56
2. Jamming                                    5:15
3. Exodus                                    6:28
4. Redemption Song                            4:00
5. Natty Dread                                5:10
6. Work                                      4:18
7. Kaya                                      3:16
8. Roots, Rock, Reggae                        3:07
9. Is This Love                              3:19
10.Could You Be Loved                        4:42
11.Kinky Reggae                              4:11
12.Get Up Stand Up                            5:52
Total.: 112:07
Size..: 178.71





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Product Description

Limited two CD live recording taken from Marillion's seminal headline set on the Prog Rock stage during 2010's High Voltage Festival in London's Victoria Park. For the legendary British quintet, the road began as a fledgling band of Prog Rock visionaries. Along their three decade journey, they've become regarded as one of the most consistent and influential acts in modern music, a well deserved reputation that was reflected in their outstanding stage presence at the High Voltage Festival. Featuring the best of the band's live performances, this release is presented in exclusive packaging with bespoke artwork, perfectly capturing the passion and fervor that brought these headliners their truly dedicated fan-base.





Title Of Album:Live at High Voltage
Year Of Release:25th July 2010
Label:Concert live
Genre:Neo Progressive
Bitrate:CBR320 kbs
Total Time:01:25:36
Total Size:202 mb


CD 1 :
1:The Invisible Man
2:Cover My Eyes
5:This Strange Engine

CD 2 :
1:Afraid of Sunlight
2:The Great Escape
4:This Town/The Rakes Progress/100 Nights
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In the '70s, Deep Purple carved their niche in hard rock royalty with a heavy guitar-driven sound. The monstrous riff that opened "Smoke on the Water" became the first thing many aspiring guitarists learned to play. Songs like "Woman from Tokyo" and "Highway Star" epitomized the screaming rock vocalist of the '70s, and many of Deep Purple's finest tracks were graced by Ian Gillan's voice (who also lent his wail to the Jesus Christ Superstar album.) David Coverdale, who later sang in Whitesnake, also provided front man duties for a while. Both "Space Truckin'" and "Highway Star" were party favorites, the latter's breakneck speed and ripping guitar leads making it a testosterone-charged force to be reckoned with. In addition to its classic appeal, "Deepest Purple" is a veritable shrine to the guitar work of Ritchie Blackmore.





Artist: Deep Purple
Title Of Album: Deepest Purple
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: EMI
Genre: Hard Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320kbps
Total Time: 01:19:08
Total Size: 218MB (Scans)



1. Black Night (Single Version)
2. Speed King
3. Fireball
4. Hush
5. Strange Kind Of Woman
6. Child In Time
7. When A Blind Man Cries (1997 Remix)
8. Woman From Tokyo
9. Highway Star
10.Space Truckin'
11.Burn (Single Edit)
13.Soldier Of Fortune
14.Demon's Eye
15.You Keep On Moving (Single Edit)
16.Smoke On The Water




DOWNLOAD : Purple - Deepest Purple - The Very Best Of Deep Purple (30th Anniversary Edition) - 2010.rar

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Product Description

Welcome to the Playlist series. We've fished through hundreds of tracks to cherry pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits, but...the life-changing songs. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artists who they are. You'll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully remastered songs on this CD, unlike the compromised sound of an MP3 file.
You might also like the fact that the packages are environmentally-friendly (no plastic, 100% recycled paper).
But we think the thing you'll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn't make it, you might wish you did. This package has been created with the environment in mind. All of the paperboard is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Of course, we would prefer that you not throw this package or CD away. We would prefer that you keep it in your collection to enjoy for many years to come!





Jessica Simpson - Playlist: The Very Best Of Jessica Simpson

Label.........................: Epic Records / Legacy Recordings
Genre.........................: Pop
StoreDate.....................: Oct-12-2010
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 74,0 MB
Total Playing Time............: 51:56


01. I Think I'm In Love With You                                03:20
02. I Wanna Love You Forever                                    04:25
03. Irresistible                                                03:13
04. Angels                                                      04:06
05. A Little Bit                                                03:47
06. With You                                                    03:13
07. Take My Breath Away                                          03:17
08. I Belong To Me                                              03:42
09. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)                            03:51
10. A Public Affair                                              03:23
11. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'                            04:01
12. Remember That                                                03:43
13. Come On Over                                                02:53
14. Do You Know (Feat. Dolly Parton)                            05:02





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Great power metal from Brazil!!!!


Mais um grande lançamento.  O instrumental esta muito bom, o que esta meio difícil de eu me acostumar é com o vocal do Thiago Bianchi, ele canta bem, mas EU acho que a voz dele não combina muito com o Shaman, se bem que “substituir” o Andre Matos não é tarefa das mais fácéis. Este álbum me parece que tenta criar a atmosfera do Ritual.





ARTIST: Shaman
TITLE: Origins
LABEL: Scarlet Records
GENRE: Metal
BITRATE: 218kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 42m total
RELEASE DATE: 2010-11-22
RIP DATE: 2010-11-26

Track List

1.  Origins (The Day I Died)        0:59
2.  Lethal Awakening                3:38
3.  Inferno Veil                    5:20
4.  Ego Pt. 1                        2:19
5.  Ego Pt. 2                        4:59
6.  Finnaly Home                    5:52
7.  Rising Up Your Life              3:38
8.  No Mind                          4:11
9.  Blind Messiah                    5:40
10. S.S.D (Signed Sealed And        5:51





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Product Description

Grammy Award-winning band Train has been heating up the charts and airwaves with their superb new album Save Me, San Francisco and its smash hit singles Hey, Soul Sister and If It s Love. The Save Me, San Francisco Golden Gate Edition adds six new tracks to the original version of this classic album including a brand new mix of Marry Me, an intimate piano version of Parachute , a new Christmas song entitled Shake Up Christmas, a cover of Rihanna s Umbrella plus two rare tracks.





TITLE: Save Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition)
LABEL: Columbia
GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode)
ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
QUALITY: 190 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 1h 06min 17sec total
SIZE: 91.00MB
RELEASE DATE: 2010-11-02
RIP DATE: 2010-11-01




01. Save Me, San Francisco                                          4:09
02. Hey, Soul Sister                                                3:36
03. I Got You                                                      3:47
04. Parachute                                                      3:30
05. This Ain't Goodbye                                              4:23
06. If It's Love                                                    3:59
07. You Already Know                                                4:42
08. Words                                                          3:29
09. Brick By Brick                                                  3:39
10. Breakfast In Bed                                                4:54
11. Marry Me                                                        3:25
12. Shake Up Christmas                                              3:52
13. Half Moon Bay                                                  3:55
14. The Finish Line                                                3:43
15. Umbrella                                                        4:20
16. Parachute (Alternate Version)                                  3:23
17. Marry Me (First Dance Mix)                                      3:31





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METALLICA has issued the following update:

"Are you sick of us yet? We sure are However, we're here again to tell
you about one more release, this one supporting our continued beating of
the drums for independent record stores across the country with an
exclusive EP available only through the network of approximately 700 U.S
retailers who support Record Store Day

"We were honored to be part of the first ever annual event celebrating
independently owned records stores, a.k.a. Record Store Day, with an
in-store at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California on April 19, 2008
and we're very proud to be a part of another special event with our friends
at independent retail

"The EP includes the nine songs we played the afternoon of June 12, 2008 in
the basement at one of the coolest record stores in the nation, Grimey's in
Nashville, Tennessee, and is part of the series of 'Live At Grimey's

"How did this show come about? In late spring of 2008, while we were
finishing up 'Death Magnetic', we were also having fun playing a few shows
including the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee. As fans of
classic, old-school record stores, we knew we just had to visit Grimey's
and they were kind enough to invite us to play in their 'basement' club for
METALLICA fan-club members and a few friends. As we always do, we recorded
the show... and now it comes to you CD and 10" vinyl in a gatefold jacket
on 'Black Friday,' November 26.





ARTiST.......: Metallica
ALBUM........: Live at Grimey's
GENRE........: Metal
LABEL........: Warner Bros
YEAR.........: 2010
RiP.DATE.....: 2010-11-26
STORE.DATE...: 2010-11-26
SOURCE.......: CD
GRABBER......: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
ENCODER......: LAME v3.97
SiZE.........: 97.01 megs
BiTRATE......: 219 kbps avg




1.  No Remorse                                                4:54
2.  Fuel                                                      4:28
3.  Harvester Of Sorrow                                      6:18
4.  Welcome Home (Sanitarium)                                7:29
5.  For Whom The Bell Tolls                                  9:52
6.  Master Of Puppets                                        8:45
7.  Sad But True                                              5:52
8.  Motorbreath                                              3:13
9.  Seek And Destroy                                          7:51






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Linkin Park in another great concert...exclusive from this blog, enjoy!!





Linkin Park
Birmingham, England
LG Arena
09 November 2010
"A Thousand Suns" World Tour

Bitrate : 320 kb/s



01. The Requiem
02. Wretches And Kings
03. Lying From You
04. Given Up
05. New Divide
06. Faint
07. Empty Spaces
08. When They Come For Me
09. No More Sorrow
10. Jornada Del Muerto
11. Waiting For The End
12. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
13. Iridescent
14. Numb
15. The Radiance
16. Breaking The Habit
17. Shadow Of The Day
18. Crawling (w/ a fan on guitar)
19. One Step Closer
20. Fallout
21. The Catalyst
22. Leave Out All The Rest
23. In The End
24. What I've Done
25. Bleed It Out




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Product Description

Import two CD expanded edition of the French DJ/producer's hit album One Love includes a bonus 12 track CD featuring the previously unreleased 'Who's That Chick?' feat Rihanna, a new version of the smash song 'Missing You' (featuring Novel), a new edited version of the killer remix 'Sexy Bitch' (featuring Akon), remixes and much more. Positiva.








Artist: David Guetta
Title Of Album: One More Love
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: EMI Music
Genre: Dance
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 103:57
Total Size: 238,15 MB



CD 1


01. When Love Takes Over (Feat. Kelly Rowland) (3:11)
02. Gettin Over (Feat. Chris Willis) (3:02)
03. Sexy Bitch (Feat. Akon) (3:15)
04. Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi) (3:30)
05. On the Dancefloor (Feat. Will.I.Am & Apl.De.Ap) (3:46)
06. It’s the Way You Love Me (Feat. Kelly Rowland) (4:12)
07. Missing You (Feat. Novel) (3:05)
08. Choose (Feat. Ne-Yo & Kelly Rowland) (3:58)
09. How Soon is Now (Dirty South) (4:10)
10. I Gotta Feeling (Fmif Remix Edit) (by the Black Eyed Peas) (3:54)
11. One Love (Feat. Estelle) (4:01)
12. I Wanna Go Crazy (Feat. Will.I.Am) (3:24)
13. Sound of Letting Go (Feat. Chris Willis) (3:47)
14. Toyfriend (Feat. Wynter Gordon) (3:17)
15. If We Ever (Feat. Makeba) (4:40)

CD 2

01. Whos that Chick? (Feat. Rihanna) (3:21)
02. Gettin Over You (Feat. Fergie & Lmfao) (3:08)
03. Madonna Vs. David Guetta Feat. Lil Wayne – Revolver (One Love Remix) (3:18)
04. Kelly Rowland Feat. David Guetta – Commander (Radio Edit) (3:41)
05. Acapella (by Kelis) (4:12)
06. Missing You (Feat. Novel) (New Version) (3:05)
07. Louder than Words (Feat Niles Mason) (Radio Edit) (3:06)
08. Freak Feat Kardinal Offishall (by Estelle) (3:45)
09. Sexy Bitch (Feat. Akon) (Chuckie & Lil Jon Remix Edit) (3:32)
10. Grrrr (7:31)
11. Love Dont Let Me Go (Walking Away) (3:11)
12. The World is Mine (Feat. Jd Davis) (3:39)
13. Love is Gone (Original Mix) (Feat. Chris Willis) (3:06)





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This was the last concert of the 2010 European 360 Tour. Recorded at the Stadio Olimpico in Roma, Italy on October 8, 2010.Track 12 and 13 on Disc 2 are bonus tracks recorded at the Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 6, 2010.




Artist.: U2
Title..: Viva Italia (Stadio Olimpico, Roma)

Type........: Bootleg
Genre.......: Rock

LAME 3.97  :.....Encoder
Bitrate.... : VBR kbps

2010        :.Street-Date
Source......: CD

2010-11-26  :....Rip-Date




1. Intro: Space Oddity                        1:38
2. Return Of The Stingray Guitar              2:38
3. Beautiful Day                              4:14
4. I Will Follow                              3:56
5. Get On Your Boots                          3:57
6. Magnificent                                5:45
7. Mysterious Ways                            4:44
8. Elevation                                  3:59
9. Until The End Of The World / Anthem        7:34
10.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking    4:03
11.Bad / All I Want Is You                    8:16
12.Mercy                                      5:03
13.In A Little While                          3:28
14.Miss Sarajevo                              4:40
15.City Of Blinding Lights                    5:35
16.Vertigo / Teenage Kicks                    4:33
1. Relax / Crazy Tonight / Two Tribes        6:31
2. Sunday Bloody Sunday / Get Up Stand Up    5:19
3. MLK                                        2:28
4. Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone          6:31
5. Desmond Tutu Speech                        1:51
6. One / Senza Una Donna                      4:50
7. Amazing Grace / Where The Streets Have No  9:59
8. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me      5:02
9. With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars    5:47
10.Happy Birthday                            1:11
11.Moment of Surrender                        7:29
12.Mothers Of The Disappeared (Istanbul      4:43
13.Yigidim Aslanim Burda Yatiyor (with Omer  3:42
Zulfu Livaneli) (Istanbul 2010-09-06)
Total.: 139:26
Size..: 235.52




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Product Description

Grammy award winning electronic duo Daft Punk - who takes music as seriously as TRON fans take computer references - is scoring the upcoming film TRON: Legacy. It's no accident that the group's two visionary musicians, Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, are TRON fans too. Having grown up with an admiration for the ground-breaking TRON film in the 80s, Daft Punk took on the scoring of the next chapter of the story with extraordinary thought and precision. The critically acclaimed French duo composed and produced the album. The Duo assembled a symphony of one hundred world class musicians in London and recorded the orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst Studios, Britain's premier scoring facility.





Release Date.: 2010-11-23
Store Date...: 2010-12-07
Source.......: CD
Style........: Soundtrack
Record Label.: Walt Disney Records
Cat Nr.......: D0013234-02
Encoder......: Lame 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new
Quality......: 191kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo



1. Overture                                            2:28
2. The Grid                                            1:36
3. The Son of Flynn                                    1:35
4. Recognizer                                          2:37
5. Armory                                              2:03
6. Arena                                              1:33
7. Rinzler                                            2:17
8. The Game Has Changed                                3:25
9. Outlands                                            2:42
10.Adagio For TRON                                    4:11
11.Nocturne                                            1:41
12.End of Line                                        2:36
13.Derezzed                                            1:44
14.Fall                                                1:22
15.Solar Sailer                                        2:42
16.Rectifier                                          2:14
17.Disc Wars                                          4:11
18.C.L.U.                                              4:39
19.Arrival                                            2:00
20.Flynn Lives                                        3:22
21.TRON Legacy (End Titles)                            3:17
22.Finale                                              4:22





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Recorded live at the Campo do Gozo in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. September 5, 2010. Tracks 11-14 are bonus tracks recorded at
the Reading Festival in Berkshire, UK on August 28, 2010.





Artist.: Arcade Fire

Title..: Moving Past The Feeling
Type........: Bootleg
Genre.......: Rock

LAME 3.97  :.....Encoder
Bitrate.... : VBR kbps

2010        :.Street-Date
Source......: CD

2010-11-26  :....Rip-Date




1. Ready to start                            4:36
2. Haiti                                      5:20
3. Rococo                                    4:16
4. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)                  4:57
5. Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)    5:19
6. We used to wait                            4:47
7. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)                6:24
8. Rebellion (Lies)                          5:12
9. Keep the car running                      3:58
10.Wake up                                    6:53
11.Laika (Reading Festival 2010)              4:58
12.No Cars Go (Reading Festival 2010)        6:23
13.Modern Man (Reading Festival 2010)        5:29
14.The Suburbs (Reading Festival 2010)        6:08
Total.: 74:40
Size..: 78.39





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