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Audioslave was an American hard rock supergroup that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2001. It consisted of Soundgarden frontman and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell and the former instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine: Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass and backing vocals) and Brad Wilk (drums). Audioslave released three successful albums, received three Grammy nominations, sold more than eight million records worldwide, and became the first American rock band to perform an open-air concert in Cuba.



Bitrate : 220 kb/S

Type : best of (homemade)

Date : 2010

Genre : Rock

Songs : 17


Tracklist :



Out Of Exile

Show Me How to Live

one and the same

Be Yourself


sound of a gun

Doesnt Remind Me

Like a Stone

original fire

Shadow on the Sun


I Am the Highway


The Curse

Getaway Car




DOWNLOAD : - The best of.rar

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Product Description

Fresh off the Frosting On The Beater full-album shows and their work with Big Star, The Posies chart unforeseen territory on Blood/Candy while holding onto their well-known signature sound. The Huffington Post states, "depending on how you want to hear it, it's a brilliant return to form or a daring move forward." The almost entirely self-produced record boasts melodic hooks, provocative lyrics, and intricate layers of instrumentation that blend far-out, spacey sounds with sophisticated hues.



Release Name: The_Posies-Blood_Candy-2010-r35
Genre: Indie
Label: Rykodisc
Quality: LAME v3.97 VBR V2
Size: 58.6 MB
Playing Time: 56:34 min
Store Date: 2010-00-00


Track List:

01. Plastic Paperbacks (Featuring Hugh Cornwell) 2:34
02. The Glitter Prize (Featuring Kay Hanley) 3:54
03. Licenses to Hide (Featuring Lisa Lobsinger) 4:01
04. So Caroline 3:14
05. Take Care Of Yourself 4:00
06. Cleopatra Street 3:38
07. For The Ashes 3:30
08. Accidental Architecture 3:31
09. She’s Coming Down Again 4:36
10. Notion 99 3:25
11. Holiday Hours 3:38
12. Enewetak 2:33




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'Get Your Sting and Blackout' World Tour (2010/12) Live at Ice Palace, Moscow - Russia 18/03/2010.sounboard,vbr extreme great quality ,covers included

Bitrate : 320 kb/S
Date : March 18th, 2010
Type : Live with orchestra
Quality : Soundboard(excellent)

Disc 1:
1 Intro
2 Sting In The Tail
3 Make It Real
4 Bad Boys Running Wild
5 Loving You Sunday Morning
6 Is There Anybody There?
7 The Zoo
8 Coast To Coast
9 Animal Magnetism
10 We'll Burn The Sky
11 Always Somewhere
12 Send Me An Angel

Disc 2:
1 Holiday
2 Raised On Rock
3 The Good Die Young
4 Tease Me, Please Me
5 321
6 Kottak Attack
7 Blackout
8 No One Like You
9 Big City Nights
10 Still Loving You
11 Rock You Like A Hurricane
12 Wind Of Change



DOWNLOAD : Moscow 2010 sounboard covers included.[].rar

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CD Description

The dynamic four-piece centered around Polish guitar maestro Maurycy Mauser Stefanowicz (ex-Vader, Dies Irae, Christ Agony) decided that something incorporating day and night, light and darkness would suit Unsun best. A label or their music, which is melancholic and a little dark at times, yet catchy; something that would put a name to then bittersweet twist of Annelyse Aya Stefanowicz's highly melodic vocals topping the driving force of the underlying guitar riffs. This unique mix easily made Unsun's debut album The End Of Life one of the most promising releases of 2010. The same enthusiasm will certainly help boost the excitement for the new album from Unsun, Clinic For Dolls.


Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Poland
Release: 11/10/2010
Size: 71 MB
Bitrate: MP3 @ VBR 256 Kbit/s
Label: Mystic Production


1. "The Lost Way"
2. "Clinic for Dolls"
3. "Time"
4. "Mockers"
5. "Not Enough"
6. "The Last Tear"
7. "Home"
8. "I Ceased"
9. "A Single Touch"
10. "Why"



DOWNLOAD : - Clinic For Dolls (2010).rar

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a collaboration between Metal vocalist Michael Kiske (Helloween, Place Vendome) and American singer Amanda Somerville. Eighteen months in the making, a massive production, two videoclips and one documentary later, The Kiske-Somerville collaboration album has all the trademarks of a real Rock event in 2010. The collaboration was born as a concept put together thanks to the input of Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino. This exciting album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with more contributions from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Somerville herself), with Sinner overseeing the production and mix at various recording studios in Europe.




Genre: Heavy | Power Metal | Hard Rock
Country: Germany
Release: 2010
Size: 98 MB
Bitrate: MP3 @ CBR 256 Kbit/s


1. "Nothing Left To Say"
2. "Silence"
3. "If I Had A Wish"
4. "Arise"
5. "End Of The Road"
6. "Don't Walk Away"
7. "A Thousand Suns"
8. "Rain"
9. "One Night Burning"
10. "Devil In Her Heart"
11. "Second Chance"
12. "Set A Fire" (Bonus Track)



DOWNLOAD : - Kiske-Somerville (2010).rar

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Cheers brothers!
After being asked from many fans where the hell they can find our Demo "Wiege der Finsternis", we decided to re-release it, because it was simply sold out. As first "bonus" we combined it with our debut album "Weltenkraft" (from which are only few left anyway) and as second bonus we recorded a brand new song for all you crazy metalheads who enjoy to eliminate alcohol as much as we do!
For our German people there is no explaination needed for the history of the "Vogel...excuse me...Försterhochzeit". Haha!
And for the rest:
In good old Germany we have a traditional folk song (mainly listened from children) about...well...a bird that wanted to get married to another bird!
We had a bit different idea for this song and decided to make a wedding of our own. Filled with booze, meat and eternal delirium! Even if you may not understand the lyrics, we promise, that the story has a happy end and that you will have one hell of a party! You can already check the sample of this song right here on MySpace. Look forward for the teaser that will present you Urwerk!
We can't wait to enter the stage finally again to invite you to the greatest fest!!!
See you soon!!!



Disco:Urwerk [Best of/Compilation]
Genero:Folk/Viking Metal

Bitrate: 245 kb/s




1.Sieg und ewig Leben
2.Schatten der Nacht
3.Das Dunkle aller Welten
5.Des Waldes Macht
6.Die Suche nach dem Licht
7.Lauf der Welt
10.Von glorreichem Schmerz
11.Rauschende Nächte
12.Weinende Ruinen
14.Verlorene Seelen



DOWNLOAD : -2010- Urwerk.rar

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Dawnless slowly self creates its own universe during these past few years leading to the recording, in early 2006, of its first album: “A Way of Escape” followed, a few months later with the video shooting “Winds of Fate” made in the heart of the Alps. "A Way of Escape" opens many doors for the band, allowing it, in November 2007, to perform on the renowned stage of the Z7 in Pratteln during the "Battle of Metal" contest! Convinced by the potential and the audience's interest for their music, Dawnless' members lock themselves in their rehearsal room - which is also used as a recording studio - and give birth, in June 2008, to a new album named "While Hope Remains". This second record, more powerful, mature and trimmed than "A Way of Escape" represents a first real achievement for the musicians who will definitely not slow down the machine at this point...


Dawnless – While Hope Remains (2010)
CBR 320kbps / 46:30 / 102mb
Genre: Symphonic Power / Heavy / Melodic Death Metal



1. Absolution 06:19
2. Freedom’s Gone 05:39
3. We’re All The Same 05:02
4. Dying Alone 04:17
5. Shadow And Pain 05:16
6. The Planet’s Dream 06:30
7. Beyond Words 05:05
8. White Risk 04:08
9. Towards Hope (Instrumentale) 04:14



DOWNLOAD : -2010- While Hope Remains.rar

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If the entire album is huge, there are songs to listen to any emergency, « Sky Shooting Star » and « Lithium » already quoted, "Cataways ..." too, and we must not forget the two songs are incredible, "Another End Of The Rainbow "and" Chasing the Dragon "(which he slams her!). Then everything else too.
In fact, the entire album must be listened, the compositions are killing, the prod is extremely powerful, the musicos are insane ("Ticket" which shot me a "waaw" still aloud, while I had a helmet on the ears) and the song is smashing, quite simply. Between growlée rage, scream and clear vocals, Jules mastery of his subject throughout the album.

To sum up, this "Caedium" is a great achievement.


Genre: Progressive Metal | Thrash Metal
Quality: mp3, 320kbs
Length: 56.06 min
Country: Germany


01 Lithium
02 Another End of the Rainbow
03 I Am One
04 Chasing the Dragon
05 Castaways in the N.W.O.
06 The Power of Mankind
07 Ticket
08 Paradigm
09 Tryout
10 The Golden Horizon
11 Sky Shooting Stars
12 Stolen Sky
13 Aimless
14 In Memoriam

15 Customized Freedom (bonus track)



DOWNLOAD : Of The Sun -2010- Caedium (Limited Edition].rar

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Limited Edition 6th album from Italian Folk Power Metal band, includes bonus track on the album CD "Jigsaw Puzzle", plus a bonus CD featuring the legendary 5 track demo 'To Oak Woods'. artwork by sam Araya (Opeth, Cradle of Filth). 17 total tracks




Power/Folk Metal//2010//AFM Records//AFM 319-9//Italy//MP3//tracks//320 kbps//50:04 + 26:13


CD 1

1- Dawnmelting
2- The last hour
3- Silence de mort
4- The cabal
5- Runereader
6- Possession
7- Your heroes are dead
8- Those days
9- This nightmare will never end
10- What’s left of me
11- The play of the leaves



CD 2 – To oak woods bestowed DEMO (2000)

1- To oak woods bestowed
2- White willow
3- Banquet of bards
4- Oakenshield
5- Under the tree of Us’dum



DOWNLOAD : - Red Silent Tides [2CD Digipack Edition 2010].rar

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