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My Chemical Romance is an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002. They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004; the album was a commercial success, selling over one million copies. The band eclipsed their previous success with their 2006 concept album, The Black Parade, which gained generally favorable reviews among music critics.[1] They have since finished recording their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.



Artista: My Chemical Romance
Álbum: Greatest Hits
Gênero: Rock
Lançamento: 2010
N° de Faixas: 22
Formato: MP3
Qualidade: 320 kbps
Tamanho: 184 MB



01. The End – The Black Parade. (1:53)
02. Dead! – The Black Parade (3:16)
03. I’m Not Okay (I Promise) (3:06)
04. The Sharpest Lives (3:21)
05. To the End (2:59)
06. Famous Last Words (4:59)
07. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison (2:53)
08. This Is How I Disappear (3:59)
09. Helena (3:23)
10. Mama (4:37)
11. The Ghost of You. – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (3:23)
12. I Don’t Love You (3:59)
13. I Never Told You What I Do for a Living (3:52)
14. Give ‘Em Hell Kid (2:17)
15. Headfirst For Halos (3:28)
16. Sleep (4:41)
17. Thank You for the Venom (3:41)
18. House of Wolves (3:04)
19. Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enought For The Two Of Us (3:50)
20. Cemetery Drive (3:06)
21. Disenchanted (4:52)
22. Welcome to the Black Parade (5:10)



DOWNLOAD : Chemical Romance - Greatest Hits (2010).rar

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Tori's first time playing in Russia.
Source is unknown, shared via twitter as mp3s, a rip from the audio webstream of the concert.

As of 2005, Amos had sold 12 million albums worldwide.



Bitrate : 192 kb/S

Date : September 3rd, 2010

Type : Live concert

Tracks : 21


Main Set :

Little Earthquakes
Beauty of Speed
Precious Things
Bells for Her
Star of Wonder
Silent All these Years
Take to the Sky / Mohammed My Friend
Mother Revolution
Space Dog
Indian Summer
First Encore

Yes, Anastasia
Second Encore

Bouncing Off Clouds



DOWNLOAD : Amos - Live in Moscow, Russia (2010-09-03).rar

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BBC Review

Rock trio Dinosaur Pile-Up have followed-up 2009's The Most Powerful EP In the Universe! with a debut album which drifts by, seemingly fine with dispensing individuality for huge, blazing guitars and grunge-encrusted melodies. This works solidly for opener and single Birds & Planes, where the riffed chord sequences echo the vocal, binding the two inextricably in your head. It might as well define the statement of intent.

At this point subtlety seems to have been pushed aside roughly for the most direct, simplistic and playful tunes to be driven home with force. Unfortunately this force is quickly dissipated over the album's run time; not because the songs lose momentum but because rapid desensitisation numbs any initial excitement.





Artist: Dinosaur Pile-Up
Title: Growing Pains
Country: UK
Label: Friends Vs. Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Year: October 04/10
Quality: 320 kbps
Length: 48:11 min
Type: 12 tracks/cover


01. Birds & Planes
02. Barce-Loner
03. Never That Together
04. Mona Lisa
05. Broken Knee
06. Hey Man (Home You Ruin)
07. My Rock 'n' Roll
08. Maybe It's You
09. Love To Hate Me
10. Traynor
11. Hey You
12. All Around The World



DOWNLOAD : Pile-Up - Growing Pains [CD] (2010)-320kbps-[GRG]-.rar

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Product Description

Chris, a native of Dallas, Texas, put his refined skill set to work when he co-produced his debut record with
acclaimed producer Ed Cash. While he is not one to shy away from writing about his faith, Chris isn't afraid to embrace
relationships and heartache in his songwriting. Chris cites influences such as Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and Gavin
DeGraw who all contributed to the polished pop/rock sound that is sure to resonate with all who listen. The lead single is
'Starry Night.



Audio CD (August 24, 2010)

Album : No Far Away
Bitrate :192kbs
Year : 2010


1. You and I (3:22)
2. Battle (3:20)
3. Starry Night (3:02)
4. 7X70 (3:25)
5. Want to Be Real (3:21)
6. No Far Away (3:54)
7. Loving You Is Easy (2:43)
8. I'm Gonna Sing (3:08)
9. It's Always Been You (2:36)
10. Winter Time (3:23)
11. Canyons (3:32)



DOWNLOAD : August-No Far Away {2010-MP3-192Kbs}.rar

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Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by vocalist Udo Dirkschneider. They played an important role in the development of speed metal [1], being part of the German heavy metal scene to emerge in the early to mid 1980s. The band's 1983 album, Balls to the Wall, subsequently became their most successful release, featuring its well-known hit with the same title. Following their disbandment in 1997 and brief resurrection in 2005, they reunited in 2009 with former T.T. Quick frontman Mark Tornillo replacing Dirkschneider,[2] and consequently releasing their highest charting album to date, Blood of the Nations[3]. They have sold over 17 million albums worldwide.[4]



Genre: Heavy Metal

Tracks : 17

Bitrate : 320 kb/s

Size : 120 mb

Type : Singles

Date : 2010


Track List:

1. Lady Lou
2. I%27m A Rebel
3. Burning
4. Breaker (Japan only)
5. Balls to the Wall (Single)
6. Restless and Wild (England)
7. Love Child (Promo Maxi)
8. Midnight Mover (Single)
9. Screaming for a Love-Bite (Promo Maxi)
10. Metal Heart (Japan)
11. London Leatherboys (Live)
12. Balls to the Wall (Live)
13. Monsterman (Promo Maxi)
14. Generation Clash
15. All or Nothing
16. Bad Habits Die Hard (Promo Maxi)
17. Hard Attack



DOWNLOAD : - The Singles[2010].rar

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THIS is the dramatic moment a veteran Hollywood stuntman leaps out of a 20 story building - while set on fire.

Daredevil Bob Brown attempts the never-before-seen feat of smashing through glass, being set alight and plunging off a high rise LA office block.

The huge support team spent months working on the exact positioning of the airbag - knowing one mistake could be fatal.




Stuntman leaps from skyscraper after setting himself on fire

Although he appears to be falling, his carefully planned rotations stop the fire blinding him.

Meanwhile the glass has been replaced with a special safety material designed to shatter but not slice his body.

He explained: "I'm the living physics project. If you look around, there are tape marks everywhere.

"We do a lot of work, so when I go through that window, my percentages of living are really darn good.

"Because I don't want to get killed. I want to see my kids and everything.

"I'm terrified of this stuff. I just know if I do my job I can pull it off."

The 51 year old has appeared in a string of big budget blockbusters, including Iron Man, Independence Day and Mission Impossible II.

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Product Description

Back after a 5-year hiatus doing solo projects, soundtracks and more, Glasgow's beloved BELLEANDSEBASTIAN have returned with one of their finest albums. Marrying the intimacy of early works like Sinister and Tigermilk with the production values of their more recent work, Write About Love is a varied, captivating and occasionally disturbing trawl through the mind of Stuart Murdoch and his colleagues.The album features duets with Norah Jones and actress Carey Mulligan (An Education)



Artist..... Belle And Sebastian
Album...... Belle And Sebastian Write About Love
Label...... Rough Trade
Catalog #.. RTRADCD480
Source..... CD
Genre...... Indie
Language... English
Rip Date... 2010-10-06
Store Date. 2010-10-11
Rip Tool... EAC
Encoder.... LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality.... 190 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo


01 I Didn't See It Coming                    5:02
02 Come On Sister                            3:53
03 Calculating Bimbo                        4:22
04 I Want The World To Stop                  4:33
05 Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John      4:34
06 Write About Love                          2:53
07 I'm Not Living In The Real World          3:09
08 The Ghost Of Rockschool                  4:34
09 Read The Blessed Pages                    2:43
10 I Can See Your Future                    3:50
11 Sunday's Pretty Icons                    3:44




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Product Description

Nirvana re-defined music in the early 90's, eventually being honored as the soundtrack for Generation X. Collected here are the band's best songs including the iconic "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come As You Are," "Rape Me," and "All Apologies," the latter track from the critically acclaimed performance on MTV Unplugged.



Label.........................: Geffen Records
Genre.........................: Grunge
StoreDate.....................: Aug-31-2010
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 61,9 MB
Total Playing Time............: 41:28



01. You Know You're Right                                        03:38
02. Smells Like Teen Spirit                                      05:02
03. Come As You Are                                              03:41
04. Lithium                                                      04:18
05. In Bloom                                                    04:16
06. Heart-Shaped Box                                            04:40
07. Pennyroyal Tea                                              03:37
08. Rape Me                                                      02:50
09. Dumb                                                        02:31
10. About A Girl (Acoustic)                                      03:09
11. All Apologies (Acoustic)                                    03:46




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Product Description

Multi-platinum alternative rock icons Hoobastank release their first collection of hits in the U.S, highlighting twelve of the band's biggest songs including Top 10 charting songs "Crawling In The Dark," "Out Of Control," "Running Away" and the bands #1 chart topper "The Reason." In addition, two songs not available in the U.S. on any Hoobastank album, "Did You" from the Spider-Man 2 original motion picture soundtrack and "Connected" from the Halo 2 video game soundtrack are also featured. Two more Hoobastank rarities included, "We Are One" from Haiti: Music For Relief compilation to support earthquake victims and "Never Be Here Again" from the AT Team USA soundtrack supporting U.S. Olympic athletes round out the collection to feature new music from the band released in 2010.



Label.........................: Island Records
Genre.........................: Rock
StoreDate.....................: Aug-31-2010
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 69,7 MB
Total Playing Time............: 42:10



01. Running Away                                                03:00
02. Crawling In The Dark                                        02:56
03. Out Of Control                                              02:45
04. The Reason                                                  03:54
05. Did You                                                      03:19
06. Connected                                                    02:42
07. Inside Of You                                                03:13
08. If I Were You                                                04:20
09. The Letter (Feat. Vanessa Amorosi)                          03:50
10. My Turn                                                      03:10
11. We Are One                                                  04:49
12. Never Be Here Again                                          04:12




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